Facility Maintenance

WAC Corporation strives to be a one source provider of exterior maintenance solutions. We have grown to provide maintenance services such as power washing, window cleaning, pavement striping, graffiti removal, parking lot lighting, snow removal, and bio retention and wetland maintenance just to name a few.

Property managers today are faced with many challenges in the day to day operations of commercial properties and need an experienced team on their side to assist with whatever need may arise. Increased travel costs have made frequent site visits cost prohibitive so we have devised a system that enables a property manager to minimize this costly travel while effectively managing a property from the comfort of their office. If we don't provide a particular service that is needed, we maintain a list of prescreened vendors that we depend on to assist with whatever may be needed and manage this work the same way we do our in house crews.

Our goal is for a property manager to have one point of contact for all their exterior needs. Contact us today to learn more.